Giomici is an ancient fortified village dating back to the 11th century and it lies on the top of a wonderful hill in the heart of green Umbria. The perfectly preserved structure of the castle and its magnificent towers, the little square and the alleys, the characteristic "porta eugubina" and the beautiful parish church "pieve di San Michele", create an atmosphere that recalls old times, ancient battles and noble people.

The surrounding uncontaminated countryside contributes to the evocative feeling of a real leap back in time. All through the Middle Ages Giomici - named after the Germanic noble "Glomisso" who was its first liege lord around the year 1000 - was contended for by the powerful cities of Assisi, Perugia and Gubbio, due to the very strategic location of the castle overviewing from the top of the hill the fords across the river Chiascio that two important medieval roads necessarily needed to cross.

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